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September 18, 2017
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Healthy, convenient, nutritious… that’s Nicelek at Africa’s Big 7

Mizlek Foods will be exhibiting its brand, Nicelek™ at this year’s Africa Big 7. It is a pre-cooked, nutrient-dense and balanced instant meal/ porridge enriched with high dietary fibre, energy, vitamins, minerals and proteins.

The company says: “It is a balanced meal for the whole family and free of lactose, tartrazine, gluten and colourants. It contains no animal products. The product can be taken with cold/hot water/milk at any time of the day. Nicelek™ is scientifically produced to provide quality nutrition in a tasty and convenient form. Scientific care went into the development of the product and the careful selection of ingredients and suppliers.”

Mizlek Foods was established by Vusi Ndala while studying for his MBA in Italy specialising in Global Business and Sustainability in 2012. Mizlek Foods (Pty) Ltd is a black-owned, controlled and managed South African company established in South Africa and registered under the South African Companies Act (Act 71 of 2008) in 2014.

The company has a vision to become a Supreme African food business admired for nutritious, healthy and tasteful brands. The business idea was inspired by a myriad of foods/ foodstuffs made from agricultural produce engulfing Italian supermarket shelves relative to his home country in South Africa.

This observance stirred Mr Ndala to build a food and beverages business back in South Africa. There are two key factors that motivated the establishment of Mizlek Foods. Firstly, the availability of a variety of foodstuffs that gives Italian consumers diverse product choices to fulfil their grocery requirements and eating habits and secondly, the existence of many food producers that encourage and embrace competition culminating into competitive pricing of food for the benefit of consumers.

Vusi Ndala, Managing Director said: “Mizlek Foods’ business approach is to be responsive to market needs for healthier and convenient food options and products that support government’s food security programme and addressing malnutrition.

“The main focus at the show will be to showcase our brand to the food suppliers, buyers and consumers alike as well as to look for distributors and wholesalers to distribute the brand locally and abroad. We will have food scientists and technologists at our stall to educate the show visitors about the health benefits and features of Nicelek™.”

It will be the second year that Mizlek Foods will be exhibiting at Africa Big 7. Our first participation as exhibitor at the show was in June 2017. Through experiences and exposure to the show, the company learnt what it takes to put together a successful exhibition and are coming back this year to leverage on that knowledge and take advantage of the plethora of visitors coming to the show.

“Our presence in the show will offer us an opportunity to network and interact with potential buyers and distributors and establish business partnerships”, says Managing Director, Vusi Ndala.

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