History of Mizlek Foods

Mizlek Foods was conceptualized by Vusi Ndala while studying for his MBA in Italy specialising in Global Business and Sustainability in 2012. The business idea was inspired by a myriad of foods/ foodstuffs made from agricultural produce engulfing Italian supermarket shelves relative to his home country in South Africa. This observance stirred Mr Ndala to build a food and beverages business back in South Africa. There are two key factors that motivated the establishment of Mizlek Foods. First, the availability of a variety of foodstuffs that gives Italian consumers diverse product choices to fulfil their grocery requirements and eating habits. Secondly, the existence of many food producers that encourage and embrace competition culminating into competitive pricing of food items for the benefit of consumers.

In synthesizing his thoughts, inspired by the above socio-economic factors that play out in the free market system, Ndala considered the aspect of food security for mass market segments not only in South Africa but in the entire African continent. The issue of access by the mass market to food that is healthy, nutritious and affordable became a determinant factor to enter the food and beverages sector by producing healthy, nutritious and affordable ready-to-eat meals targeted at the mass market in Africa. Mizlek Foods was officially established as a business entity in December 2014. The first product to be manufactured and distributed as a brand under Mizlek Foods is the nutritious and balanced instant breakfast porridge branded Nicelek.


  • 20122012

    • Nicelek, as a nutrient dense breakfast meal for the mass market
    conceptualised by Vusi Ndala in March while in a year sabbatical in Italy studying for his MBA in Global Business and Sustainability
    • Preliminary studies conducted to test the viability of the idea
  • 20132013

    • Engaged various stakeholders, funding and relevant government institutions
    • Extensive research on the dynamics of food and beverages industry in South Africa and globally
    • Commenced with the identification of strategic partners
  • 20142014

    • Formulation of the product and experimenting began
    • Secured and appointed a professional food scientist and technologist
    • Mizlek Foods (Pty) Ltd registered as a business entity on the 1st December
  • 20152015

    • Nicelek™ Trade Mark filed and registered
    • Product formulation finalised
    • Fundraising for seed capital ensued
  • 20162016

    • Production and manufacturing of first product samples
    • Market testing and sampling
    • Finalised product packaging and branding
    • Business plan finalised
  • 20172017

    • First batch of Nicelek™ manufactured in February for distribution to retailers
    • Commercial operations commenced in March with distribution and retailing of Nicelek™ at select Spar Stores, Medizone in Garankuwa and some independent retailers in Gauteng, Limpopo and Mpumalanga • First export business to Botswana in August