Supreme African food business admired for nutritious, healthy and tasteful brands everywhere.


Our mission as a business is to manufacture, distribute and market nutritious, quality and tasteful brands at affordable and competitive prices to our targeted market segments. We aim to add value to our customers and all stakeholders alike and achieve this by;
♯ Spearheading operational efficiencies throughout the entire business and supply value chain
♯ Offering value for money to our customers and suppliers
♯ Maintaining good and continuous relationships with our customers and all stakeholders
♯ Building organisational core competencies and capabilities through continuous skills development
♯ Diversifying product lines to meet changing lifestyle and health needs of our targeted market segments


Our values serve as our performance pillars and anchor of our business belief. The following core values drive our business beliefs;

 We subscribe to ethical business practices and embrace high standards of corporate governance and business acumen.
 We hold in high regard human dignity and exhibit high level of respect to all our stakeholders.
 We are committed to contribute towards a sustainable universe.
 We embrace excellence in everything that we do.
 Innovation and creativity is the core and DNA of our business